Today i had a rough day my friend was mean but we worked things out in five minutes then after somebody in my class was throwing clay and they got it in my sisters hair and she almost had to cut it but they got it out with hand sanitizer and after we went on strike because  my sis friend stole our game but they became friends again and now Avery (she is reallyyyyyyyyy mean) yelled at me when i had a head ache but i just walked away (she thinks we r friends but i don't talk to her) and now i am at home and writting this and begining a new story so i am still writting the other story but i ma stating another too so yeah and i am going to be not posting stuff for awhile because i have a project on world war one but i will have fun and hopefully get a good grade. Had to bring back rock band but we might get a new one but there might not be any but o well.

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