Went to Quebec had fun but did not at the same time. Avery ( in a different post) took 40$ from me because i came back from dinner i looked in my wallet 40$ gone i know she took it because she was the only one in the room. And the next day she got a letter from her "brother" it had 100$ in it  and it was wrapped in band aids. Rachael / Fire looked in her wallet after Avery told her she got 100$ from her "brother" and guest what 100$ was gone and again Avery was the only one in the room. Teacher found out ( i told her) and we found the 140$ (my 40$ and Fires 100$) and 20$ was missing that was on Wensday and guest what we still did not get out money back. so mad our at our principal ARRRRRR!!!!!!!! and Avery took Ashleigh's ( my sister) sweater and said that my sis gave it to her as a gift OMG!! LIAR!!!

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