Today in class we learned about jobs and what you have to know and do to do that job and how much a apartment cost and traveling and more. We played a game and you have two key card and if you guest the answer right thats on the card you keep the card. Well the rest of the day we still learned about Money$$$ and how you can lose all that $$$ and you can lose your job and you will have to go on WELLFARE and they only give you 500$ a month and you can even pay your bills with that. So we had to make a list of what we would buy when we got out own apartment or house and my total was 3348$$ a month and thats bad but that is only because i put 800$ for traveling but i would not go traveling every month. So today was fun and i hope that tommorow i will not have to present my history project (But i will). :( we did it on the battles i9n the WW1 and how many people dide in those battles.

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