I know I don't post much and I almost never post (even though no one reads this) but I will try to post more I know lots of people like One direction right right. Well my friend made me like them they are actually really good singers and my friend thinks they're really ute she has a crush on like three of them anyways. I was hoping people could give me request on what my story's should be about for example 1D, Justin Beiber, or (idk who he is) Austin Mahone. So please any request I will write about anything even about like fairy tales i'm just out of idea's. Thanks hope people will comment idea's thanks bye.
I am at home watching people play the wii i am bored and i am writing lots of story's like i mean a lot so anyway it's march break and i have nothing to do and rachael has to leave at 9 tommorow and i am bored i have not posted a lot of blog but it's getting better anyway have a nice march break.
I'm back in Canada and i'm at my friend Racheal's house we are going to see a movie later the movies called sherlock holmes its good movie so i'm seeing it again. well i havin't gone on the site in a while so sorry.




We have no school today because there is a strike going on at school the teachers are having a strike. On the day that I have art the ONLY day I have art. i am so mad but i guest i get to miss a day of school so that's good. But i wish they would have done it a different day. I hope that they have a nice day I went to the movies and saw the movie The Help it was sad but it was good . it's about racist the whites make the black be their mades and they get payed 1 dollar every day i think anyway you have to see it it is sad please see it it is very g



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Had fun at school we are coming back to Canada in early January and i don't want to leave because i am having so much fun here in England. but i am coming back but i love the school here nobody makes fun of the clothes you wear because you wear uniforms.
we have a week of school because its the end of the term. it is awesome and we don't get homework at school only math homework and in science we get to do experiments and once we got to see the insid
I am in England and i have been here for a month now and it is reallly fun and i found out i had a horse woohoo!
well anyway io made new friends and my friends in Canada i am still friends with too.
Sorry, i was busy i went to a golf tournament i got in 4th woohoo well
I still did not get my money back from when Avery took it. The principal want us to tell her every single thing we bought,. what the heck that is not fair at all she is so mean she is weird too see threatened to hit people in our class with a chair
Went to Quebec had fun but did not at the same time. Avery ( in a different post) took 40$ from me because i came back from dinner i looked in my wallet 40$ gone i know she took it because she was the only one in the room. And the next day she got a letter from her "brother" it had 100$ in it  and it was wrapped in band aids. Rachael / Fire looked in her wallet after Avery told her she got 100$ from her "brother" and guest what 100$ was gone and again Avery was the only one in the room. Teacher found out ( i told her) and we found the 140$ (my 40$ and Fires 100$) and 20$ was missing that was on Wensday and guest what we still did not get out money back. so mad our at our principal ARRRRRR!!!!!!!! and Avery took Ashleigh's ( my sister) sweater and said that my sis gave it to her as a gift OMG!! LIAR!!!