I still did not get my money back from when Avery took it. The principal want us to tell her every single thing we bought,. what the heck that is not fair at all she is so mean she is weird too see threatened to hit people in our class with a chair
Went to Quebec had fun but did not at the same time. Avery ( in a different post) took 40$ from me because i came back from dinner i looked in my wallet 40$ gone i know she took it because she was the only one in the room. And the next day she got a letter from her "brother" it had 100$ in it  and it was wrapped in band aids. Rachael / Fire looked in her wallet after Avery told her she got 100$ from her "brother" and guest what 100$ was gone and again Avery was the only one in the room. Teacher found out ( i told her) and we found the 140$ (my 40$ and Fires 100$) and 20$ was missing that was on Wensday and guest what we still did not get out money back. so mad our at our principal ARRRRRR!!!!!!!! and Avery took Ashleigh's ( my sister) sweater and said that my sis gave it to her as a gift OMG!! LIAR!!!