Today i watched the television all day and Rachael and i am talking to her right now at 8:04 pm and we are talking about Quebec ( year end feild trip). It will be so fun.
Today i finished my second math exam so now we are finished math for the rest of the year. i did not have gym today because we had heart and stroke its were you skip rope and play basket ball all day :( i don't like basketball  
Today i had the first part of my math exam. We had to do angles, fraction. and more. I think i did well but we did not gat our mark yet. And we did track and field for my class because our class is the people who supervise the groups and i am supervising grade 4/5 i hope i got a good mark and we do our second part tomorrow.  
Today in class we learned about jobs and what you have to know and do to do that job and how much a apartment cost and traveling and more. We played a game and you have two key card and if you guest the answer right thats on the card you keep the card. Well the rest of the day we still learned about Money$$$ and how you can lose all that $$$ and you can lose your job and you will have to go on WELLFARE and they only give you 500$ a month and you can even pay your bills with that. So we had to make a list of what we would buy when we got out own apartment or house and my total was 3348$$ a month and thats bad but that is only because i put 800$ for traveling but i would not go traveling every month. So today was fun and i hope that tommorow i will not have to present my history project (But i will). :( we did it on the battles i9n the WW1 and how many people dide in those battles.
I am going to a different scholl for one term in ENGLAND YAY!!! But i am going to still have to learn french :( But i will like it because i will have more friends there but i have alot of friends here in Canada still but i will ahve more in ENGLAND! So i will still be posting stuff but not as much i wont everyday but i will 3-4 times a week so i can still write my story.




Today it was fun but not i had to do my research project but i finished in one hour. I am doing it on England and i know a lot more now and wow there is a lot but i like their culture it is cool. I like how they call soccer football lol but i still need to find more stuff for my project.
Today i was playing the PS2 and i found out i am going to a different school next term (next year) i am going to like it but i will be sad because my friends are not comming :,( :( i will only be gone for one term and i will still post stuff so i will not as much though but i still will
Today my friend fire came and we are watching tv and we are going to watch what dreams may come later and we really wanted to see it so yay. Tommorow is mothers day i am not going to post what i made because my MOM will go on my site and look at what i posted because she likes to look at my. Fire you can poke me on facebook if you want.
Today i had a rough day my friend was mean but we worked things out in five minutes then after somebody in my class was throwing clay and they got it in my sisters hair and she almost had to cut it but they got it out with hand sanitizer and after we went on strike because  my sis friend stole our game but they became friends again and now Avery (she is reallyyyyyyyyy mean) yelled at me when i had a head ache but i just walked away (she thinks we r friends but i don't talk to her) and now i am at home and writting this and begining a new story so i am still writting the other story but i ma stating another too so yeah and i am going to be not posting stuff for awhile because i have a project on world war one but i will have fun and hopefully get a good grade. Had to bring back rock band but we might get a new one but there might not be any but o well.
I  am editing my story and i wam putting more stuff and other in chapter three hope you like chapter three i finishes it and it will be awhile before i put another chapter. i am putting a video on my website but i am goingt o take the video off and i have to put it on for my computer class at school (grade 7)