I have posted part of my story but i will only be putting about 6-10 chapters because i like making different books so plz e-mail me idea's and i will put them in my story and i will put poems to with your name and age. today i am having a good day watched transformers revenge of the fallen and other movie's too. I saw the funny part where the little robot humps the girl's leg! LOL LOL HAHAHA!!!!!!
we didint win but we had fun and my friend got first place so i am happy for her and she was so happy  and she even screamed and it hurt my ears but it was o.k.
Had to rewrite the story i wrote half of it and then found my first copy yay!!!
 i posted my story but onlt Chapter one and part of chapter two.
Can't wait today is the talent show i am going to be singing to silent night and my sister is playing it on the piano but other people are singing too there is two more girls and one boy so it will be weird but we will all have fun and be great and do or best so it will be fun and great